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My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...







We bought several properties using Troy as our broker. We are experienced in real estate transactions and have had a range of experiences with agents. Troy ranks at the top. He is a fierce negotiator. But most of all he is honest and trustworthy, which in my experience are scarce traits. You definitely want Troy on your side and we would recommend him without reservation.

Chris Romaine

We had been trying to sell our house for over a year. First, as a “For Sale by Owner”, then with a realtor. We went under contract in both situations. Both deals fell through because the bank did not properly handle the paperwork and in the second case, the realtor was caught off guard by the issues and unable to salvage the sale. Trying to sell as a “For Sale by Owner” was very difficult, we did not get a lot of exposure being out in Flagler Estates. When we worked with the realtor, she was nice and knew about manufactured homes but did not know the market in our area or where to best advertise. 

While surfing on the internet I saw Troy’s website and how he termed himself as the Flagler Estates expert so we contacted him in the hopes that he could help us. My husband had been recently transferred and we had just purchased a home in the new area we were moving to, so needless to say with two mortgages our sense of urgency was there.  

After meeting with Troy for the first time it was obvious he knew the area from personal experience not just a run of the mill market analysis. As far as I was concerned he definitely lived up to his title. I was so impressed with his professionalism and honesty. He told us exactly what we needed to do to make our home marketable and moved quickly when we decided to sign with him.   Seven days later we were under contract.  

What I loved most was how much care he took to ensure that the bank was on top of things and that everything moved along smoothly. We had never experienced that with any other realtor. (Truth be told we tried to sell the house on and off since 2002 and had worked with 4 different realtors.) When you watch a person doing something they are really good at they make it look so easy and that was our experience with Troy. He stayed one step ahead of every obstacle and kept in contact with us constantly.     

Any concern we had about our home or the process was given special attention. He went out of his way to check on our home and to address every question both quickly and completely. Honestly, I have never been able to recommend a realtor to others because I have never been impressed with anyone I have dealt with until now. If you want someone with integrity who does his homework and will give you the best service call Troy, he is awesome! 

Troy, we wish you the very best and that you will be blessed in all you do. Thank you so much for providing us with the help and guidance we needed to finally put a SOLD sign in our yard.


 Jamie and Rene’ Fields


Dear Troy, 

I want to thank you for your assistance in selling my family home at 32 Matanzas Circle. I believe that the extensive market research you did, prior to the listing, enabled me to establish the optimum price to ask. Although I knew I was at the lower end of the range, I was amazed to hear that you had a prospective buyer on Monday when I had only signed the listing on Saturday. The fact that you had five or six more prospects enabled me to deal effectively with the first prospects, who did in fact buy the home at my price.

It’s obvious that your knowledge and efforts led to a good, quick sale, which enabled me to purchase another desirable property in Putnam County. I also appreciate your keeping a good flow of communication. It was really helpful to be advised of changes and developments, and to get questions answered promptly.  

I wish you continuing success and I’d certainly be glad to tell others of your fine work. 


Vince Herman



This letter is intended to commend Troy Rowan for his persistent, tireless and objective help in finding our new home in St. Augustine. Troy provided a diligent, though not at all “pushy” approach. I might elaborate on the “objective” attribute I mentioned. When we were searching for our new home we weren’t looking for a house, we were looking for a home. There were times that we were tired, discouraged and even angry. Not at Troy but at our situation. Troy kept us centered and kept providing leads. Troy also provided us a tremendous aid when we were having a problem with a less than “upfront” seller. If it weren’t for Troy’s professional conduct we would have been stuck in a horrible deal. Troy is a real asset in the home buying process. He made our new home a real pleasure.


David H. Hope




Dear Troy, 

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your hard work and help during my house hunting experience. You definitely made the job very easy.

I want to applaud you for taking the time to be available when I had questions and/or concerns. Furthermore, you took the time to be at the closing, which was also very considerate on your part.

I felt bad when we originally made an offer on a condo, only for me to decide another avenue. You took it with great stride and worked with me without any complaints until I found the house I really liked. Having already been in the house for a month, I just wanted to thank you again. It is truly what I wanted and your work was so welcomed.

Troy, I sincerely thank you for the hard work you did for me. Today customer service is definitely not what it used to be, but with you, your goal was to make me happy. That, you did!

Thanks again and I wish you the very best. If and when I decide to make another move, you will definitely be my first choice.

With regards,

Dirk Hibler

Flagler College Dean of Students






Dear Troy,

We want to thank you for all your help in finding us the perfect second home.  Mike loves fishing in the canal right in our back yard and I love the peace and quiet of the woods.  It seemed as if you understood exactly what we wanted and worked with us to find it.  Finding and purchasing a property from out of town might have been a difficult task but your prompt replies to our questions and your knowledge of the area made it easy.  Everything seemed to go smoothly and quickly from the inspections through to the closing.  Having you there every step of the way was greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for taking the time to drive all of the way out to Flagler Estates to close that open window for us weeks after the closing.  You saved us an unplanned four hour drive.  


Diane & Mike Gregorovic    


Hi Troy,

Just wanted to tell you thanks for helping us in selling the mobile home and always being available to answer all our questions.  I really appreciated your feedback and always being available and keeping us informed.  Looking forward to working with you again in the future.  If you can keep track of duplex's in the PC area and when's a good time to sell we'd appreciate it. 

Take care and thanks again.

Pat & Bob James