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Pending Home Sales Fell 1.5% in October

During October 2023, mortgage rates were at their highest, and contract signings for existing homes were at their lowest in more than 20 years.
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Lauren Cozzi 202-383-1178

11/30/2023 8:21:53 AM

Existing-Home Sales Receded 4.1% in October

Prospective homebuyers experienced another difficult month due to lack of housing inventory and the highest mortgage rates in a generation.
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Troy Green 202-383-1042

11/21/2023 8:25:11 AM

NAR Panel Discusses Multigenerational Housing Model

Multigenerational housing can be a model to help address housing supply shortages and growing homeownership gaps.
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Tori Syrek

11/16/2023 2:10:39 PM

NAR REALTOR Benefits® Partners Honored

NAR celebrated the achievements of its NAR REALTOR Benefits® partners with an awards ceremony at the 2023 NAR NXT, The Realtor® Experience.
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Spencer High 202-383-1051

11/16/2023 7:52:21 AM

The Transformative Role of AI in Real Estate

Two sessions at NAR NXT: The REALTOR® Experience focused on how automation and AI is reshaping real estate marketing and operations.
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Spencer High 202-383-1051

11/15/2023 8:10:13 PM

NAR Chief Economist Calls on Fed to Cut Interest Rates

There's tremendous difficulty in the commercial real estate market, with higher interest rates hindering borrowing and making refinancing costly.
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Lauren Cozzi 202-383-1178

11/15/2023 8:25:46 PM

Distinguished Service Award Presented to Greg Herb

Greg has had a tremendous impact on the real estate industry through his trailblazing accomplishments and service to his fellow REALTORS® nationwide.
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Troy Green 202-383-1042

11/14/2023 1:19:37 PM

Distinguished Service Award Presented to Mike McGrew

Mike's commitment to the local, state, and national levels of NAR and his charitable work epitomizes the Distinguished Service Award.
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Troy Green 202-383-1042

11/14/2023 1:46:28 PM

Forecast: Existing-Home Sales Will Rise 13.5% in 2024

Elevated mortgage rates, high home prices and limited housing inventory are making the dream of homeownership difficult for Americans.
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Lauren Cozzi 202-383-1178

11/15/2023 8:04:13 AM

Top News Stories - Real Estate Story Ideas

As more and more real estate transactions take place online and through email, it has become even more important for real estate professionals to implement best practices to stay cybersecure.

12/4/2017 12:35:49 PM

Taking small steps such as giving up buying coffee or bringing a homemade lunch to work can help potential homebuyers put aside thousands without making huge lifestyle sacrifices

12/4/2017 12:23:10 PM

Cold weather can keep homeowners cooped up inside for months, so why not use that time to take on some quick and easy DIY home repairs.

12/4/2017 12:16:17 PM

Buying a home is a significant financial transaction, and according to a new report from NAR, 87 percent of all buyers will use a real estate agent to help navigate it.

11/2/2017 11:12:52 AM

Flexible hours, interest in the industry, and working with people are reasons many REALTORS® were attracted to a career in real estate. People skills, self-motivation and negotiation skills were rated as the top traits needed for success.

11/2/2017 11:04:48 AM

Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for clever hacks to make managing and cleaning a home easier, but some of these tricks may be costing them money in the long run.

11/2/2017 10:49:34 AM

The typical millennial student loan debt load is $41,200, which is greater than their average annual income, $38,800. This has delayed several major financial and personal milestones, including buying a home. 

9/29/2017 3:33:53 PM

According to a new report from NAR, homeowners who complete a remodeling project are more satisfied with their home. 

9/29/2017 3:04:21 PM

Autumn’s arrival means sweater weather, pumpkin flavored everything and getting the house ready for winter. Smart homeowners know that the perfect time to start preparing for cold weather is before the weather arrives.

9/29/2017 2:40:58 PM

Home buyers and sellers with children face a unique set of difficulties and stressors during the moving process.

9/1/2017 9:34:17 AM